27 September- 6 October 2024

Welcome to the mysterious world of Vampire Legend Tour – the world of Dracula and Bathory! Embark on a thrilling journey as we delve into the dark and enchanting tales of vampires that have captivated our imaginations for centuries. This unique tour takes you on a spine-chilling adventure through the hauntingly beautiful landscapes and historic landmarks associated with two most famous immortal creatures of the night in Central and Eastern Europe: Dracula – the fiction of Bram Stoker and Elisabeth Bathory – the serial killer countess of the 16th  and 17th century.  Discover the origins of these mythical beings and the real-life stories that have inspired countless books, movies, and legends.

Max group size: 25
Operated in: English
Tour ID: VALETO2409

Price: 1696€ / Person based on twin/double occupancy

Places you will see



Day 1: Arrival to Bucharest

Arrival to Bucharest, individual transfer to the hotel and check in from 15.00 p.m., free time. Meet your guide in the evening at 19.00 p.m. 
Overnight in Bucharest, Romania

Day 2: Guided tour of Bucharest

The capital of Romania, romantically nicknamed the Paris of the East, has many stories to tell – it was heavily damaged during WWII, earthquakes and endured Nicolae Ceausesccu’s program of systematization, yet it’s elegant architecture and the historic city center survived until the present days and since recently the city is experiencing economical and cultural boom.
In the afternoon we will visit the Parliament building – the building of abundance of superlatives. It is the heaviest and the most expensive building in the world (as confirmed by the Guiness World Records Book) and also the largest administrative building in civil use. Today also marks the starting point of our Dracula story with visiting the Snagov monastery where Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) is supposedly buried, though the circumstances under which he died are still cloaked in mystery.
Overnight in Bucharest, Romania



Day 3: "The Dracula Castle" Bran, Brasov Transfer 225 km

Following the footsteps of many before us, we will visit the famous Bran castle known as the seat of Dracula, where  Vlad the Impaler actually… never lived? Well, the story of Dracula is a little bit complicated than is generally known. The one to blame for these confusions is writer Bram Stoker who simply made up the whole Dracula Legend once Vlad was no longer alive. The real Vlad III was one of the most important rulers of Wallachia and is in fact the Romania’s national hero. Nevertheless, the world-famous Bran castle is a picturesque place worth visiting. Later on we will move to Brasov
Overnight in Brasov

Day 4: Brasov and Sighisoara, Transfer 150 km

Brasov, once an important Transylvanian city at the crossroads of trade routes of the Ottoman Empire and Western Europe. Nowadays, Brasov is still the administrative and cultural center of Transylvania and a wonderful historical city.We will stop in this city and explore it on our own.

Later on we’ll continue to Sighisoara, another picturesque city, which is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. We will have a closer look at the city during the city sightseeing tour.  It’s famous also for being the birthplace of  Vlad the Impaler, the infamous ruler we have acquainted with the day before.
Sighișoara was an important city already in the Medieval period as it was located at the frontier of the Ottoman Empire and faced repeated sieges and raids. Between 1300 and 1500 nine defensive towers were built. It’s striking how many have survived intact until the 21st century. Among them is the Clock tower, Sighișoara’s defining symbol. The adorable Citadel Square is where all the main events took place during the Medieval age. Among other interesting buildings you can find the 15th-century Gothic Church on the Hill, Monastery church or Vlad Dracula House.
Overnight in Sighisoara 

Day 5: Salina Turda, transfer to Oradea, Transfer 230 km

Today we’ll take you to Salina Turda! What’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Well, allow us to indulge you, then. Salina Turda is not only one of the largest and one of the most interesting publicly available salt mines in Europe, it is also one of the salt mines most sought out by people for its healing abilities. The air of Salina Turda will leave you feeling fresh and energized, enough so to try some of the sport activities offered here (mini golf, bowling, badminton, billiard) or to float on a boat through a lake all nicely spread out at the bottom of the mine.

Later, leaving the (not so) bloodthirsty Dracula and Romania behind, we’ll travel from Salina Turda to the Romanian-Hungarian border to pay a visit to the town of Oradea.  We’ll arrive there in the early evening so we’ll have enough time for dinner and ourselves as well.
Overnight in Oradea

Day 6: Oradea, Nyirbator, Wine tasting in Eger, Budapest, Transfer 415 km

In the morning we’ll have some free time to get acquainted with Oradea on our own, do some shopping and explore the area. Don’t forget to visit the admirable Palatul Vulturul Negru, formerly a palace now sheltering a shopping mall.

Then we set off on the road again. Our next stop will be Nyirbator. Here we’ll meet-and-greet our bloody countess Elisabeth Bathory at the small Bathory Manor House where she was born. After we bid our farewells, but only to reunite with her in her castle in Cachtice, Slovakia where the bloody drama took place 500 years ago.
Transfer to Budapest will be peaceful and mild, no vampires, no blood… we only make a stop in Eger, in the Valley of the Beautiful Women to taste some of the great wines, lunch also will be included…. then  straight to Budapest.
Overnight in Budapest

Day 7: Budapest

Today we’ll introduce you to the Pearl on the Danube – Budapest. We will make the tour of both districts: Buda and Pest. In Buda we will visit the Castle District incl. St. Matthias church, walk down from the castle to the Danube and then cross over a bridge to Pest to admire the Basilica, the Synagogue and the Opera House.  During the tour we will also hear about the Citadel situated on the Gellért Hill, which was named after Saint Gerard.
In the evening we will embarked on a memorable dinner cruise along the majestic Danube River offering the breathtaking beauty that Budapest is renowned for. We will watch the illuminated city’s iconic landmarks such as the Parliament Building, Chain Bridge, and Buda Castle creating a stunning panorama that seems straight out of a fairytale.
Overnight Budapest

Day 8: Orava Castle, Transfer 260 km

In the morning we cross the border to Slovakia to get on with our vampire story again at the Orava castle, one of the country’s most magnificent and haunted castles! Its charm has brought it a lot of attention and it’s served as a location for many famous movies, such as the first vampire horror movie Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror from 1922. Once you see the castle yourself, you’ll understand why it still attracts so many people.
Overnight in Martin

Day 9: Cachtice Castle, Transfer 190 km

In the morning we’ll move to the Cachtice castle to reunite with our bloody Elisabeth Bathory. This is the castle where she spent most of her life and where the infamous torturing took place. She was even accused of taking a bath in the blood of the young girls! How disgusting, isn’t it?

We’ll spend the afternoon in the city of Piestany – the most famous Slovak spa also known among many world royals. Here, you can finish the day with a thermal bath or a specialty beauty treatment (no blood baths though) to become as beautiful as Elisabeth Bathory was.

That is the end of this vampire story. Tomorrow we’ll say goodbye and see you off towards your homes. Should anybody like to prolong their stay in Piestany spa and take some spa treatments, just say a word and we’ll make it happen! Natural springs of thermal mineral water rise from a depth of 2 000 meters and together with the curative sulfur mud are world-known for their healing properties and are particularly beneficial for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. Hence the Piestany’s symbol – a man breaking his crutches!
Overnight in Piestany

Day 10: Transfer to Vienna, Transfer 165 km

Transfer to Vienna airport or Vienna City, end of tour

What is included


Accommodation in double/twin/single/triple rooms in 3-4hotels
Bucharest – My Continental Hotel***
Brasov – Hotel Apollonia***
Sighisoara – Double Tree Hilton ****
Oradea – Hotel Iris ***
Budapest – Expo Congress Hotel ****
Martin – Hotel Bystricka***
Piestany – Hotel Magnolia****


– 9x breakfast
– 1x Lunch in Eger with wine tasting
– 1x culinary dinner on boat in Budapest 
– 1x dinner in Orava 


English speaking tour leader and English speaking local guides;
It means that everywhere there is a sightseeing tour in the itinerary included you will be accompanied by a local licensed English speaking guide who will give you a deep insight into the history and the life in the area.


all in-land bus transfers ( Day 2- 10)

Additional Services Included

Guided Tours – Bucharest, Sighisoara, Budapest
Admissions – Parliament building in Bucharest, Snagov Monastery, Bran Castle, Salina Turda, Orava Castle, Cachtice Castle
Audio Guide Head Set during the tours


Your insurance is not included in the price of the tour. We strongly advice you to obtain adequate and appropriate insurance cover for your tour including health insurance.

You should know


Romania – LEU, some merchants accept EUR
Hungary – HUF, at many places you can pay with EUR, too
Slovakia, Austria – EUR


Weather can vary at this time of year. It may be sunny and rather warm – up to 25° C but it can also be rainy and rather cold – about 10° C. We recommend to bring a jacket and some pieces of warm clothes, too. Please, take into account, that we will travel through very different landscapes – oft in the Carpatian mountains and especially evenings can be rather cold. 

Health requirements

The tour is not very demanding in terms of physical requirements or health conditions. However, please take in account that city sightseeings can require 2 – 3 hours of walking.


The countries you are going to travel are part of the Schengen zone – Slovakia and Hungary. Romania is not part of the Schengen zone, but it is also a member state of the EU. It is responsibility of the customer to find out if he/she needs visa to enter Schengen zone and Romania. Should you need any help, pls. feel free to contact us.

Payment Information

The price of the tour is payable in one instalment to be paid latest 60 days prior to the departure. This instalment also includes the Non-refundable Booking Fee in the amount of 180 EUR. Further information on payment and cancellation conditions can be found in the General Terms and Conditions

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