Spectacular nature, magnificent mountains, history, splendid architecture, traditions, relaxation and pampering …all that we can offer you in our 8-day trip through Slovakia – ranging across its territory and its history.

To indicate the difficulty of the trekking the routes are ranged 1-5 (1 – easy walking, small ascending/descending; 5 – heavy trekking, steep ascending/descending, rocks, climbing supported by chains and ropes).

20-27 June 2015
15-22 August 2015
Dates for groups on request

PRICE   EUR 788 p.p.
price includes: accommodation in double room in hotels as per below (7 nights),  full board, all land transfers within Slovakia, all admission fees, English speaking tour guide.
Swedish and Finish speaking guides are available on request

Day 1 - Banská Štiavnica (UNESCO site)
Arrival at the Vienna airport and transfer to central Slovakia

 The city of Banská Štiavnica welcomes you hidden in the green forests of the Štiavnica Mountains. It is a historical mining city. It was one of the first towns of the former Hungarian Monarchy to receive royal privileges, as early as the 13th century. The city sightseeing includes a visit to the underground passages leading from the houses to the mines and which date back to the 17th century. Returning to the surface, we will walk up into the Štiavnica Mountains. After all the walking, a traditional dinner and a splendid folklore programme in the evening will provide further insight into the history and culture of the region. We will also listen to the melancholic sounds of the Fujara – a long shepherd's pipe inscribed in the UNESCO List of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage.
Accommodation: three-star hotel in Banská Štiavnica

Day 2 -Vlkolínec (UNESCO site), Choč Mountains
We will drive north over the ridge of the Low Tatra mountains. 
Vlkolínec (“wolf village”) - our first stop – is a village where traditional wooden architecture has remained unchanged for more than 200 years. You should also taste the special Vlkolínec sauerkraut pie, which is not found anywhere but in Vlkolínec. In the Choč Mountains, we will admire the beauty of the Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys. 
Accommodation: three-star hotel in the Liptov region

Day 3 - Low Tatras
One day waking and hiking in the Low Tatra mountains

After taking a cable car up to the ridge, we can have a nice and easy walk there while enjoying lovely views over the valleys and the High Tatras. After lunch at a mountain chalet on the ridge, we will take the lift down.
We will continue with a visit to the Demänovská Cave, which is sure to remain long in our memories. With 35 km of caves, the Demänovská cave system is the longest in Slovakia. However, there is no need to go far to admire the highlights.
Accommodation: three-star hotel in the Liptov region

Day 4 - The High Tatras

Hiking in the amazing High Tatraswe will walk to the most famous waterfalls in the Tatras and then to the alpine lake Skalnaté pleso. From Skalnaté pleso, a cable car will take us down to Tatranská Lomnica. Then we will continue east, to the Slovak Paradise. In the evening, we will have an opportunity to sample traditional Slovak cuisine at a shepherd’s cottage in the Spiš region.
Accommodation: three-star hotel in Levoca (Member of the historical hotels in Slovakia)

Day 5 – The Slovak Paradise, Levoča (UNESCO site) 

The morning walking in the picturesque Slovak Paradise will take us through peaceful woods but also through gorges and along rocky terraces. The afternoon programme will include admiring of the splendid historical city of Levoča.  The Gothic church of St. James has a wooden altar by Master Paul of Levoča, which is the tallest in the world.

 Accommodation: three-star hotel in Levoča (Member of the historical hotels in Slovakia)

Day 6 - The Malá (Low) Fatra 
Another exciting experience is hiking in the Malá Fatra mountains in the north-west of Slovakia. Though we will take the easiest part of the trail, climbing up the ladders in the narrow canyons with waterfalls will test your courage. The demanding days of walking and hiking will be succeeded by pampering in the spa of one of the local hotels. 
Accommodation: four-star hotel in the Malá Fatra Mountains

Day 7 - The Piešťany area

Heading south, to the Piešťany area

We can have a bicycle trip to the “New Zealand Ranch” in the woods above Piešťany or a hiking trip through the woods of Považský Inovec to the ruins of Tematín Castle. Finally, a wine-tasting in a cosy restaurant in the countryside will complete our day.

Accommodation: cosy three-star hotel near Piešťany

Day 8
A short stop in the capital city, Bratislava
Departure to the airport

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