WIKLUND GROUP / Responses and proposals:

Just a wonderfull week. Sometimes a bit stressed, but the athmosphere in the group was very good. Yours and Denisa`s (- tour guides- ) laugh was catching and brings happiness! Thank you both very much.

Couldn`t be better!!

 Unnecessary much food! Very, very nice week. Thank you.

You (-tour-guides-) are very bright and clever! Nice to look at and to listen to. Welcome to Sweden.

More time for resting with the hiking because wa are i the different conditions. But it worked very good, very, very good. Denisa (Swedish speaking tour guide) was a little Gold Star and completed you so well! I will never forget you!

Longer stops when hiking to have the nice views. Sometimes a little stressful because of other scheduled programs the same day. I feel that you have had us all in full focus and really give everything from your heart.

If possible, the days with full hiking routs could be the only happening that day. The body needs rest. Some days could be organised and guided without hiking routes. Thank you very much for a wonderful time together in your beautiful Slovakia.

The food was wonderful! The best I have eaten!!!!

Pehaps too much focus on the shepards music. Other folk music are a small dance performance would have been nice. Impressing preparations!


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