Dearest Dana,

They are more than satisfied.
They loved Arcadia and the whole VIP treatment.
The rafting was the BEST in their opinion. Everyone enjoyed it a lot!!!!
And their favorite meal was the goose feast!!! He said that almost all agreed that it was the best food they have ever eaten.
That in the end they were eating with their hands and just mumbling how good it was.

And that the wines before the food were fantastic…. That Slovakian wines are great. This is from Calle, the big wine lover!
I can’t wait to open my first bottle. They all arrived safely.

They liked Backhus and other meals a lot too, but it’s the goose feast they remember the most (besides the rafting that was everyone’s favorite).
And of course the Harley Davidson club. My husband said they had the best time at this “hillbilly” club.

You were of course cherished my dear.
They liked your sense of humor and that you were not “afraid of the bottle” as my husband puts it. Haha.

My biggest thanks Dana for all your help. You’ve been wonderful.
I am so happy that everything went smoothly and they really appreciate the effort and the planning we put into this group.

So I THANK YOU for all your time, effort and help Dana.

This is the beginning of a beautiful cooperation. And I will try to keep the groups coming.

Best wishes,

Anna Maria

Transylvanien Resor

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