Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is located in the Carpathian Basin and bordered by Slovakia to the North, Ukraine and Romania to the East, Serbia and Croatia to the South, Slovenia to the South-West and Austria to the West.

Hungary is a state of almost 10,2 million inhabitants. The capital and the largest city is Budapest astrides the River Danube. In former times, we knew 2 cities, Buda on the right side of the river and Pest on the left side. The official language is Hungarian - Magyar - which is part of the Ugro-Finnic language family and it is the most spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe.

Hungary belongs among three most popular tourist destinations in the world. Last year (2011) 10.2 million people visited this state, which is home to the largest thermal water cave system, famous for the second largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz) and the largest lake in Europe (Lake Balaton) and well-known thanks to the largest grassland in Europe (Hortobágy) and much more that you can only hardly imagine.


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