Basilica of St. Prokop in Třebíč and Jewish landmarks

This abbey basilica was originally dedicated to Virgin Mary, however because of the war damage it was reconstructed and dedicated to St. Prokop. To the most valuable part of basilica belongs more than 700 years old wooden ceiling, arched stone vault, rosette in the northern part of apse and northern portal, which is an excellent mason work. In the past, Třebíč was a significant centre of Jewish culture in Moravian region.
Spectacular Jewish town shows us, how Christians and Jews lived side by side together in peace. Unique Jewish district consists of more than 120 houses, crooked tiny streets, dark nooks, arched passages and little romantic squares, buildings of former Jewish institutions - the school, town hall, poorhouse … The Back synagogue was completely reconstructed and in its interior, decorated with elaborated unique paintings, offers an exposition showing us the life of a former ghetto.
The Jewish cemetery was in 17th century moved to the hill Hrádek - around 3000 stone gravestones find their place in a huge park with mysterious atmosphere. Except of Jerusalem, Jewish monuments in Třebíč are the only ones which are listed in UNESCO individually.

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