Historic centre of the city of Salzburg

Salzburg was able to preserve an unusual rich urban fabric, developed over the ages from the Middle Ages to the 19th century when it was a city-state ruled by prince-archbishop. Its flamboyant Gothic art attracted lots of craftsmen and artist even before the city became well-known through the work of Italian architects, who gave the centre of Salzburg a Baroque appearance. 
Salzburg played very important role in the development of the Christianity in Central Europe. It was the seat of the Catholic Church - becoming the Archdiocese of Bavaria already in the 8th century. From here Christianity spread to many parts of Europe.
At this meeting point of northern and southern Europe the Salzburg's genius was brought forth - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This name and Salzburg belong together ever since. The house he was born, located in the centre of Salzburg,  is one of the most visited places of Austria.


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