Slovakia’s majestic mountains offer a marvellous diversity of hiking opportunities. In one day you can experience trekking combining the different terrains of the High Tatras, the Low Tatras and the Slovak Paradise: pulling yourself up with chains to reach rocky peaks, climbing up ladders in narrow canyons beside waterfalls, walking in meadows admiring the valleys below and the peaceful forest paths, too.


Trekking path 1: Terchova (570 m) to one of the most interesting peaks Maly Rozsutec (1343 m) - Terchova
Difficulty: 5
Duration: 7 hours
Trekking path in the woods, canyons with ladders, rocks, trekking with the support of hands, chains.

Trekking path 2: Vratna (570 m) through Janosikove diery (920 m) to Stefanova (620 m) and back to Terchova.
Difficulty:  3+
Duration: 6 hours

Trekking path in the woods, canyons with ladders.

Trekking path 3: Vratna (750 m) to Velky Krivan (1708 m) through the ridge of the Malá Fatra to Vratna
Difficulty:  4
Duration:  6:30 hours
Trekking path in the woods, grassy terrain, rocks

Trekking path 4: Vratna (750 m), lift to the ridge (1524 m), trekking on the ridge of Malá Fatra - the highest point 1645 m, (side trip: Velky Krivan -1708 m – 1,30 hours) - Vratna
Difficulty:  3
Duration:  3:30 hours
Grassy terrain, rocks, Trekking path in the woods

Trekking path 5: Vratna (750 m) to the ridge of the Malá Fatra – to Velky Krivan (1708 m), through the ridge to Terchova - Branica (490 m)
Difficulty: 3+
Duration:  6 hours
Trekking paths in the woods, trekking on the chest of the Malá Fatra - grassy terrain, rocks

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