Historic Town of Banska Stiavnica and the Technical Monuments in its Vicinity

Banska Stiavnica is an old mining city, famous in the past for its huge production of silver and other precious metals. Many outstanding engineers and scientist visited this town and contributed to its fame. This old medieval mining centre grew into splendid town with Renaissance palaces, churches more than 500 years old, elegant castles and cosy squares. The centre of the town blends harmoniously with surrounding landscape, which contains many vivid reminders of the city’s mining heritage. 


In the historic centre of the town there are 360 artistic and historic monuments. The most precious and famous monuments include the Old and New Castles, the Kammerhof – the former seat of the mining guild and the  central administration office for the mines, iron mills and mints in the area of central Slovakia (it is the largest building complex on the territory of the city), the Knocking Tower, the Holy Trinity Square with the Column of Holy Trinity (built by the town to give thanks for the end of a plague epidemic), the Rose Street. On the hill one of the dominants, Baroque Calvary, towers above the city.

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