Open-air museums are among the most visited sites in Slovakia. Every year, thousands of tourists visit them to learn about the traditional Slovak folk architecture. The museums provide a new home for buildings that could not be preserved in their original locations. In order to prevent fires, the buildings must be kept a certain distance from each other; therefore, the layout is different from the original village plan. The museums present not only the old houses (mostly wooden) but also the furniture and all objects of daily life in order to give a picture of life in past. Strolling through the museum you will be able to feel the real atmosphere of the Slovak Village centuries ago.

There are several open-air museums in Slovakia, each designed to preserve the heritage of a particular region. The most famous of these museums include the Museum of the Slovak Village, the Museum of the Liptov Village, the Museum of the Orava Village and the Museum of the Kysuce Village, which also houses a unique piece of Slovakia’s industrial heritage – the historical logging switchback railway.

The mountain village of Vlkolinec ("wolf village") is something different because the traditional Slovak wooden architecture can be seen not in a museum setting but in a living village. There are moments here when it feels as if time stopped 200 years ago. To find out more about Vlkolínec, click here




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