Kalwaria Zebrzydówska - the Mannerist Architectural and Park Landscape Complex and Pilgrimage Park

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - splendid cultural landscape of a great spiritual significance. It is a place of pilgrimage - the natural setting, in which a series of symbolic places of the Passion of Jesus Christ and the life of the Virgin Mary was portrays in at the beginning of the 17th century - and still remains unchanged.

The construction of  Calvary started Mikolaj Zebrzydowski, the Voyevode of Krakow in 1600. He built the Chapel and the small hermitage where he used to meditate. He was later persuaded by the Bernardine monks to make a large reconstruction and cover the area with an extensive complex of chapels linked to those in Jerusalem. Thus the private place has been changed to a place where not only the local inhabitants but also of believers from other places and countries could come. 

The original and unique layout (made by  a mathematician, astronomer,  surveyor Feliks Żebrowski)  symbolically  reproduced the urban landscape of Jerusalem at the time of Christ, e.g. the Lackarańska Mountain representing the Mount of Olives and the Żar Mountain Golgotha

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