Castle of Teutonic Order in Malbork

The Castle in Malbork is the largest castle in the world by area. This fortified monastery is dated back to the 13 century, substantially enlarged and embellished after 1309, when the Grand Master moved his seat here from Venice. Castle in Malbork is a particularly fine example of a medieval brick castle. Later it fell into decay, but in 19th and early 20th century it was meticulously restored. After Second World War it was restored again, following severe damage.

Malbork castle is the most complete and elaborate example of Gothic brick castle complex in unique style of Teutonic Order, which evolved from the contemporary style of the castles of Western Europe and Near East. The monastic state in Prussia is represented by a spectacular fortress, founded in 13th and developed in  14th century by the German communities of military monk who carried out crusades against the pagans in Prussia. The fortified monastery on the River Nogat represents the drama of Christianity - the fight between extremes of sanctity and violence.

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