Due to its strategical position the area of Visegrad was settled already in the New Stone Age.

The castle was built as the double castle system by Bela IV (as a consequence of much more attention put to strategic  defence issues after the Mongol invasion) in the mid of the 13th century. The Citadel had a several roles:  to protect the valley of the Danube and to controll the main commerical route between Buda and Esztergom. It also served as a custom’s house. It  served as fortress of significat importance also during the Turkish invasions.

The Citadel hosted the famous Royal Summit of Kings in the mid of the 14th century which led to an agreement of significant importance for all involved countries aimed at securing the economical independence from Vienna.  The existing Visegrad agreement (including Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland) from 1991 reflects this historical events.

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