Szentendre is located north of Budapest on the banks of the River Danube. With its 20 000 residents it stretches from the Danube to the Pilis mountains, which create unforgettable scenery. Szentendre is favourite tourist destination, often a day-trip for travellers from Budapest. The charming Mediterranean style of architecture is what makes the city so visual attractive. 

Szentendre is full of museum and arts. As the home to the Hungarian open-air museum, Szentendre exhibits the traditional architecture and culture of the Carpathian basin. To the most interesting and most visited museums belong the Margit Kovács Museum of pottery, the Serb Clerical Museum, the ArtMill exhibition centre for modern arts and a public transport train collection (near the HÉV station).The town offers further 14 museum and galleries which acquaint us with the rich history and teeming artistic life of the town in present and past.

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