Lake Balaton

So called "Hungarian Sea" is an 80 km long lake with silky green-yellow water in the middle of the region Transdanubia. Lake Balaton is one of the most visited tourist resorts and one of the most priceless treasures. For the children, the southern shore is just ideal, the shallow water enable them to play without the threat of drowning, but if you want to enjoy the feel of swimming in the sea, visit the northern shore, where the water gets deeper instantaneously. The water achieves its pitch maximum in summer, which means around 26°C (80F) - more than the average morning and evening temperature. The water and the mud of the lake create perfect opportunities for healing nervous complaints, anaemia and nervous fatigue.

The perfect scenery around the lake creates lots of picturesque vineyards, which bring us excellent wine every year. If you want to taste it, order it along with a delicious food in one of the numerous inns and restaurants, which welcome guests from all over the world. Especially recommend we a traditional fish restaurant - csárda. At some of them you can even catch your own fish, which will be prepared right at the place.

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