Millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma and its Natural Environment

This abbey was established by monks, who came here in 996 - the first Benedictine monks who settled here. They went on to convert Hungarian into Christians, they founded the first school in the country and in 1055 wrote the first document in Hungarian. 

The long history of the abbey can be seen in the succession of styles of architecture of the monastic buildings. The oldest building dates back to the 1224 and some of the buildings are still in use. 

Nowadays, it is still an active Benedictine monastery. By the territory, it is the second largest abbey in the world. It hides a few precious treasures - the Basilica with the Crypt from the 13th century, Baroque Refectory and a well-known grandiose library which houses more than 360,000 volumes and also has a long tradition in producing excellent wine. This makes this place not only a pilgrimage site, but also a place very attractive for non-believers

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