Hortobágy National Park - the Puzsta

Puszta - this word mean "plains" - limitless wilderness of bushes and grass. It covers area of aprox. 50 000 square km. The treeless plains, saline steppes and salty lakes are characteristic for this region. The whole environment is completed with scattered sand dunes, low wet forests and freshwater marshes all along the food plains. 

Hungarian Puzsta is a grass biome on the Great Hungarian Plain - Alföld. It stretches around the River Tisza in the eastern part of Hungary and in the part of Austria - Burgenland. The Hungarian Puszta is an enclave of the Eurasian Steppe, an isolated outpost of the great "Russian steppe". 

The area belong to one of the largest expanses of protected steppe in Europe. Almost  like at the American prairies  you can find here cattle (of Hungarian grey cattle breed), Racka sheep, stud horses on open pastures. Horse shows are the integral part of the Puszta culutre.

Within the area of the Puzsta three national parks and a bird natural reserves are located. There are many other places of interest like the wind mill which is the biggest in Central Europe and the oldest railway station in Hungary. The area is the culinary centre of Hungary with many culinary events and festivals during the whole ye

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